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About Stec Construction

You’re looking for quality – and we want to give you just that. Our team is dedicated to giving you exactly what you want in a construction project, from new projects to remodels and additions. We have the skills, expertise, and experience you need in achieving the project you’ve dreamt about.

Call us for a free estimate and a no-obligation consultation.

Check out our process below for getting started on a project for our clients:

1. Free Consultation

We’ll set-up a time to meet with you, talk about what you want in a project, take some measurements and photos, look at your home, and take notes. It’s part of the complimentary meeting we offer to all clients so that we can get to know you.

2. Estimate

Because we’re all on a budget, we’ll give you a free estimate of what we think it will cost to complete your project. The estimate will include details such as Scope of Work, materials, labor, and complimentary sketches.

3. Written Contract

If you like what we’ve offered, we’ll get you set up with a written contract as well as CAD drawings and a complete Scope of Work. You want to know details of the project, and we want to give them to you.

4. Pre-Construction and Construction

As soon as all necessary documents are signed we can begin work on your home. Final drawings will be completed, building permits will be submitted, and we’ll send out Purchase Orders to give you a construction schedule. Throughout the pre-construction phase, we will regularly be in touch to do on-site meeting to give you updates and review details of what’s going on in your home!

One of the most exciting parts of any project is the construction phase – you can see how things are progressing and how quickly the look of your home can change in just a few weeks (or days, for smaller projects). We’re dedicated to completing projects on time, weather permitting, and have a Construction Specialist on-site daily to ensure things are moving along according to schedule.

5. Job Completion

As we get closer to completing the project we will do a walk-through to ensure that you’re satisfied with the project. It’s also at this point in time when we will complete any last-minute items that need to be added to the list. Because we’re dedicated to client satisfaction, we’ll also give you written warranties of our work and correct anything that may be defective during the coverage period.

About Brett

Brett Stec has been in the building industry for over 2 decades, and has owned his own business for almost as long. Launching Stec Construction in 2001, Brett knows the importance of beginning and completing projects on time and without sacrificing quality of work.

About Adam

Adam has been in the industry, working with Brett, for over 15 years. Along with Brett, Adam knows how important it is to give clients the highest quality work and the most professional of customer service.